Class Schedule


We hold practice at a dojo located near Charleston and Arville.

Our dojo is open from:
10am to 5:30pm on Sundays (Formal Practice Session)
6:30pm to 9:00pm on Wednesdays (Open Practice Session)
4pm to 5pm on Saturdays (Kids Classes) We are located at:

1401 S. Arville Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102 (map)

Please drop by and visit us~!

Community Classes - Open to the Public
Instructors: Jen Caballero and Wendy Dwyer
Saturday 3:00pm - 4:30pm beginning March 6th

Kaminari's Community Classes are open to interested members of the community. You will learn fundamental playing skills as well as some drills and songs. You will also learn about the history of Taiko in Japan and North America. You are not required to attend regularly or perform - these classes are for fun and self fulfillment!

1 class - $7
5 classes - $30
15 classes - $75

For more information, email, or stop by and visit us!

Kaminari Protege - Beginner's Training
Instructors: Jen Caballero and Wendy Dwyer
Sunday 12 noon - 2:30pm

Students in Kaminari Protege learn the fundamental skills to properly play taiko. Protege generations will learn a hand-full of important drills vital to the mastery of performing various taiko compositions. They will also learn general dojo etiquette, taiko vocabulary, and taiko history.

For more information, contact Jen Caballero.

Kaminari Taiko - Performance Group
Instructor: Jen Caballero and Wendy Dwyer
Sunday 2:00pm - 5:30pm

Students who have successfully mastered the requisites of Kaminari Protege can choose to audition into the performance group. Here, students will continue to sharpen basic skills in addition to learning, rehearsing, and performing our group's complete performance repertoire and new, developing taiko compositions. Kaminari Taiko performs regularly at both community and private events.

For more information, or to schedule Kaminari Taiko for a performance, contact Jen Caballero.

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