KLAS Channel 8 (CBS) Investigative News Team Commercial - January 2007

LVKT was honored and excited to be a part of KLAS's first commercials in high definition.
We filmed for nine hours, and from that footage KLAS made several commercials, one of
which was aired for the first time during Superbowl Sunday. Two of the commercials are
posted below, as well as some footage of the shoot. We'd like to thank the good people of
KLAS for their professionalism and kindness.

Commercial: Power of Eight
Commercial: This is the I Team
Behind the Scenes (approximately 3 1/2 minutes)

KTNV Channel 13 (ABC) News - June 17, 2007

When the professionals of Channel 13 became aware of our June 17th concert, they asked if
they could come to our Dojo to film and interview us. They compiled this beautiful piece
which they aired during three of their news programs on the day of our concert. We thank
those kind people of KTNV for their generosity and for helping us to spread the word of
taiko in Las Vegas.

View the Story (approximately 3 minutes)

Video Gallery

October 9, 2006 UNLV Japanese Club
April 22, 2006 Sony Awards Banquet
December 4, 2005 Las Vegas Marathon
2004 Rebel Variety Show

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